Partial & Complete Dentures

Soft Dentures

Soft dentures are just what they sound like, soft. They have a much softer lining and are not made with acrylic. Soft dentures are more comfortable and are hyper-allergenic. They also have a natural look to them.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures provide more comfort by reducing the amount of rubbing against your gums. A flexible resin coating is on the denture’s outer layer that creates a buffer between the denture and the gums, resulting in more comfort for you.

Partial & Complete Dentures Procedures

Partial Dentures

This is an excellent option if you’re just in need of a certain amount of teeth. Partial dentures are connected to the base of your gum and can be made from either acrylic or metal. A partial denture includes a limited amount of teeth that fill in the gaps to give you a full set of teeth.

Implant Support Dentures

Implant support dentures snap over tooth implants to provide a secure hold. They are anchored with the use of implants and do not just sit on top. These dentures are more often used on the lower jaw to prevent slippage or to keep the denture from loosening.

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