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Acadia Dental understands the problems that are often associated with dentures that are old, worn out, or don’t fit properly.  Our dental office specializes in denture products and services. We strive to assist you with making the best decision that is right for you and your lifestyle.

We are proud to offer the Advantage line of dentures and partials. We custom craft each denture on site in our state of the art dental lab. In addition, every denture we custom craft comes with a warranty! Schedule a consultation with our dental staff today.

Acadia’s Advantage Line of Dentures

The ultra-premium acrylic and processing technique will provide the optimal fit and durability every day. Premium appearance with a variety of tooth-like shading options, precise hand detailing that gives a natural appearance that is odor, bacteria, and stain resistant. 5-year warranty.

Packed processing technique used, multiple teeth shades available and enhanced gum appearance. Stain and odor resistant. 3-year warranty.

Cold pour processed, economical and durable. Limited shading options available. 1-year warranty.


A metal-free partial option that provides enhanced, natural look and comfort. 1-year warranty.

Combine the look of the flex with the durability of the cast. 1-year warranty.

Cast metal frame and clasps, durable, and economical. 1-year warranty.

So many reasons to smile!

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