Dental Implants – Solutions for Missing Teeth

Acadia Dental & Dentures offer quality dental implants to residents of Hagerstown and Frederick, Maryland along with the surrounding communities. If you’re wanting expertly made and placed dental implants in a timely matter, look no farther than our team.

Often when we hear the term dental, it can cause negative thoughts and reactions. Many people fear to come to the dentist because they associate the dental chair with pain and discomfort. When people hear the word “implants”, they become uneasy. The word implants are often associated with a prosthetic object that is placed inside the body.

However, our team is here to remove the negative associations and assumptions when it comes to dental implants. There are actually numerous benefits to having dental implants and there are some cases where this can be completed in one day!

Solutions For missing Teeth - Acadia Dental

What Will Be Placed inside the Mouth?

First, let’s break down exactly what dental implants are made of. They are a post made of titanium, which is placed carefully and accurately onto the jawbone, or mandible. They serve as a strong, sturdy anchor and replacement for the tooth root. If a tooth or teeth are lost due to disease, injury, or tooth decay over the years, usually only one or a few dental implants are needed. Porcelain implants are securely placed on top of the anchor and then you’re all set to go.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

There are several benefits to having dental implants. Many patients are concerned about appearance and functionality. We design our implants to follow the specific structure of your mouth and original teeth. This will enhance your original appearance naturally. In addition, implants will improve your speech while being functional and comfortable.

Once the implants are placed, they will become a permanent part of your mouth. Most patients pay less attention to them than they did their original teeth. With proper care, dental implants require very little maintenance because the materials used are durable and designed to last for many years.

In addition, dental implants can stop decay from spreading further into other teeth and surrounding structures. This can save you money on other dental procedures that could arise in the future.

Enjoy the Foods You Love

Individuals who are candidates for dental implants have been suffering for some time. Some have not been able to speak or smile comfortably while others have experienced pain and tooth sensitivity that has impacted their diet. Some people have avoided hot or cold liquids and foods.

Within six to twelve weeks of dental implant placement, the healing process is completed, leaving you free to indulge in your favorite foods and beverages. Dental implants are sturdy and can withstand some of the toughest foods. Don’t wait for your favorite holiday to roll around and miss out on the delicious dishes and beverages you love. If you want your implants placed and healed prior to the holidays, contact us today.

So many reasons to smile!

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